Shaung Small Hydro-Power Plant is a run of the river project on Shaung stream which is a tributary of Baspa river in the Sutlej Valley.

The project envisages diversion weir, settling basin, 1000 m tunnel and 300 m penstock.

The head available for power generation is around 540 M.

The installed capacity is 3 MW.

The power is evacuated on a 66KV overhead line and supplied to Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board.The commercial operation of the plant commenced on 15th April 2016.


Location Near Shaung Village
District Kinnaur
Development Type Run-off the river power project
Installed capacity 3 MW
River Stream Shaung
Weir Trench Type
Tunnel 1503 meters
Penstock 600 mm Diameter, 1295 meters long
Turbine 1 no. Horizontal Impulse Type Pelton
Rated Discharge 0.7 Cumex
Rated Head 600 meters Approx
Generators 1 No. Synchronized type
Commissioned 15th April 2016