Sarbari II SHP

Sarbari – II Small Hydro-Power Plant is a cascading project downstream of sarbari - I. The tail race water from Sarbari – I is led to Sarbari - II power house through 3500 meter tunnel and approx. 400 meters long penstock.

The head available for power generation here also is around 190 M.
The installed capacity is 5.40 MW (2 x 2.70 MW).

The power is evacuated on a 33KV overhead line and supplied to Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board.The commercial operation of the plant commenced on 25th August 2010.

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Live Online Water Discharge Data for Sarbari II SHP


Location Approx. 7 Kms from Kullu
District Kullu
Development Type Run-off the river power project
Installed capacity 2 x 2.7 MW
River Stream Sarvari
Weir Trench Type
Tunnel 3500 meters
Penstock 1250 mm diameter, 375 meters long
Turbines 2 nos Horizontal Impulse Type Pelton
Rated Discharge 3.2 cumecs
Rated Head 190 meters Approx.
Generators 2 Nos Synchronous type
Commissioned 25th August 2010